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a sound and solid security strategy 

Disem Institute brings together a group of engaging professionals with long term-experience in strategic development, cyber security, information technology, finance, complex business case, modelling, assurance, awareness and training


Disem Institute 


Disem stands for Dynamics in Information Security, Economics and Management. The Institute specializes in analysing complex dynamic strategic management issues and excels in the field of cyber security. Disem Institute provides the means to follow how strategic decisions will evolve in real-life. Our approach shows the effectiveness of a strategy before making large investments. 

Disem Institute gives training and coaching for business leaders and policy makers to understand complex aspects of strategic management. 

Cyber Security is about enabling the business in a sound, secure and safe manner while minimizing the total costs of security. As a business leader you may face the following challenging situations:

  • Ongoing increasing cyber security demand and associated risk.

  • Sensitivity to fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  • Significant reallocation of funds from other strategic projects to cyber security after a significant breach.
  • Demonstrating clear benefit contribution of (supplier offered) cyber security improvement.
  • Regulatory dialogues about the adequacy of cyber security and data loss protection measures.
  • Positioning your business and cyber security in a context of digital transformation.

Iris Zeijlemaker - In 't Veld, co-founder and managing director

Iris Zeijlemaker – in ’t Veld MBA, managing director and co-founder of Disem Institute, is a connector, change agent and inspirers par excellence. She excels in empowering others and mobilizing teams. 

As a co-founder and board member of a health-care foundation she established a national best practice concept for family care support in the Dutch health-care market. As a specialized nurse, Iris observed that there was a lack of knowledge and understanding about health-care and associated legislation from a governance perspective. After several years of advising local and national (government) organisations on new health-care concepts with her own firm, she entered politics. Her aim was making health-care understandable for politicians as well as the other way around.

In no time, Iris was promoted from assistant council member to municipal council chairman. In this role, she was one of the architects of a broad coalition of left- and right-wing parties. Within this, she was a board member of the provincial department and responsible for human resource management.

At the academy of the political party, she investigated ‘data leaks and spread responsibility’. During this, she spoke to Members of the European Parliament, Members of the Dutch Parliament, mayors, CISO of international organisations, professors, owners of local business and subject matter experts. Iris observed difficulties in understanding and communication in this field.

Besides her role in politics, she worked at a top clinical hospital focused on digital transformation in the health-care sector. After her involvement in hospital@home, frequently visiting patients and mama care concepts, she became change agent and manager at the surgery centre. In this role, she implemented nursing leadership, certification and new innovate care concepts while maintaining low absenteeism and high team motivation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was a crisis management lead. Alongside this role.

Sander Zeijlemaker, co-founder and managing director

Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker RA RE CISA CISM SCF, managing director and co-founder of Disem Institute, spent his career in diving into business operations, information technology environments, finance and security solutions. He is a strategist, consultant and writer focused on the predictability of complex strategic decisions. Sander has specialized in cyber security and investment decision-making. In this role, he coaches and advices international leaders, managing directors, executives and senior management. Besides, he is a security dynamics trusted advisor and expert, and a speaker at international conferences and universities across the world.

Sander is able to make a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment understandable. His innovative way of explaining allows decisions makers and policy makers to visualize, measure and gauge the long-term impact of strategic decisions before making large investments. The method provides insights into how a strategy will develop in real life, and gives feedback on the decisions and actions that are planned as follow-up. This type of forecast analysis helps businesses stay ahead.

As president of the resilience, stability and security special interest group of the System Dynamics Society, Sander mobilizes and connects a group of professors, practitioners and students in the field of conflict, defence and security. 

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