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Disem Institute

Disem stands for Dynamics in Information Security, Economics, and Management. The founders of Disem Institute established this organization when they realized that there were a lot of opportunities to improve cyber risk governance. They observed that 56% of the knowledgeable decision-makers make suboptimal decisions, which can lead to up to 200% higher costs.

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Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker RA RE CISA CISM SCF

Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker is a strategist, consultant, and writer who specializes in the predictability and understandability of dynamic, complex, and strategic decisions. He has spent his career advising policymakers and business leaders in the fields of international strategic IT operations, business change, and global cyber risk. Speaking to audiences around the world, Dr. Zeijlemaker provides unique insight into the dynamic and complex nature of cyber risk. He is a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum, and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Security Operation Centres of ENISA.

As president of the global Security, Stability, and Resilience (SSR) Special Interest Group (SIG) of the System Dynamics Society, Dr. Zeijlemaker mobilizes and connects a group of professors, practitioners, and students in this field.


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Security, Stability and Resilience SIG

Iris Zeijlemaker – in ’t Veld MBA (20 Januari 1976 - 12 juni 2023 †)

Iris Zeijlemaker has more than 20 years of strong ties in healthcare, innovation, politics, and governance.

She is a strong networker, connector, and innovator, who specializes in enhancing organizational performance with a human-centric approach. Iris excels in empowering people and mobilizing teams. Her notable contributions in her fields of expertise include, amongst others, establishing a Dutch national healthcare best practice, steering healthcare digitalization, and during her political career, driving a broad coalition in a highly complex environment. She is a strong crisis manager whose strength lies in her calm and focused approach in crisis situations.

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