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Unleashing The Full Potential of Cyber Risk Governance 

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Cyber risk governance requires that the managing board:

  • recognize that cybersecurity is a strategic business enabler,
  • understand the economic drivers and impact of cyber risk,
  • align cyber risk management with business needs,
  • ensure that organizational design supports cybersecurity,
  • incorporate cybersecurity expertise into board governance, and
  • encourage systemic resilience and collaboration.

A strong cyber risk governance capability requires a proactive and timely reevaluation of an already existing cyber risk management strategy and the making of adjustments where necessary.

Our consultancy services focus on strengthening cyber risk governance and management. We consider cyber risk a part of business/organizational strategy, risk management, and financial performance.

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Simulation (strategic digital twin) aided approach

For certain strategic challenges, we use a simulation-aided approach in delivering our consultancy services. Our simulation closely mimics your current organization and cyber risk management strategy. We can simulate several alternative future stages of your strategy to explore how its effectiveness can be improved at lower costs.

Our simulation is so powerful that it considers the impact of the ever-changing  environment of your organisation in terms of people, process, technology, suppliers, evolution of adversarial tactics, emerging incidents, and shifting priorities.

Typical strategic challenges that can be addressed using our technology include the following:

  • Estimation of the 'shelf-time' of a cyber risk management strategy.
  • Optimization of the cyber security roadmap.
  • Strengthening of long-term financial planning of your security efforts.
  • Estimation of future consequences of cyber security budget cuts.
  • Identification of future unintended collapses of control.

Our simulation-aided approach can be tailored to any security framework; it leverages on existing reports and data sources and requires minimal data to provide valuable insights.

Our approach allows for making understandable and actionable business plans while considering the business, operational, and financial contexts of cyber risk.

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