Disem Institute

Unleashing The Full Potential of Cyber Risk Governance 

Our Vision

In today’s highly interconnected and complex society, a multi-dimensional approach is necessary to drive the understandability and actionability of the issues at hand. This also applies to the field of cyber security. Driving effective strategies in this environment requires strategic wisdom, intelligent monitoring, specific governance structures, and enabling cultures. Systems thinking and control, advanced simulation, and a human-centric approach that is grounded in science are the most important executive tools that we can provide our next generation to prepare them for the future.


Strategic Wisdom

Business leaders and executives operate in a complex and dynamic environment in which they have to take difficult decisions that ultimately affect their reputation, customer trust, and competitive positioning. For such people, designing an impactful cyber risk management strategy that supports the business can be very challenging. Disem Institute can help you predict the future consequences of intended strategic decisions and identify areas of strategic performance improvement for the future.


Intelligent Monitoring

Monitoring information is essential to ensure strategic performance delivery. However, the dynamic and complex landscape of cyber risk necessitates the use of new approaches and tools to stay ahead of the curve. Strategic early warning and forecast monitoring systems can provide business leaders and executives with sufficient time to anticipate ahead and prepare smoothly for strategic changes and interventions. Disem Institute can help you stay ahead of the curve.


Governance Structure

The digital reality of today’s world requires business leaders and executives to adequately access and govern cyber risk. In-depth knowledge and understanding of governance structures is essential for taking effective action. They are also essential to ensure effective foresight, and to capture full value. Disem Institute can help you unleash this value.


Security Enabling Culture

There is a strong interconnectivity between strategic wisdom, intelligent monitoring, governance structure, and security enabling culture. Cyber risk management strategies are carried out through existing organizational structures and cyber risk monitoring systems. The outcomes of the strategies are modified by the security culture of the organization. Human behavior and decision-making are critical in such cultures. Disem Institute’s culture scan can help you understand how to leverage the culture of your security team in your cyber risk management strategy.


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