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Get to grips with cyber security: Decision making and communication

So, you want to get to grips with cyber security?

How do you deal with the dynamics? How do you think about it, work with it, communicate about it?

• Are your warnings concerning cyber security risks not being heard?

• Should cyber security move up the agenda?

• Is there a lack of cyber security awareness among your colleagues?

This training course combines the latest scientific research and focusses on improving policy making and communication. This training teaches how to deal with complex cyber security matters in a practical way - how to think about it, work with it, and communicate about it.

Target audience:

Professionals, trainers, high potentials, consultants, managers,  policymakers and others who work in cyber security and IT.

Understanding the complexity and communicating effectively are key

In this day and age, far-reaching digitalization leads to a deeper interconnectedness of the cyber security within the organisation and between organisations. Cyber security therefore affects the employees, the processes, the technology and management. Cyber security responsibility is often divided among different people and departments, which makes policymaking slow and complex. This way, incorrect risk estimations and considerations can lead to significant, additional costs in order to correct and repair. And in some situations even to a considerable threat to the organisation’s continuity.

The reciprocal, complex dynamic relation between the behaviour of the attacker and the defence of the organisation, its business operations and  IT, finances and risk management plays a decisive role. Well known and common principles of management and prioritization can, in terms of cyber security, often be counter-intuitive. But how do you explain this well to managers and colleagues who have different priorities? How do you convince them of this new way of thinking? That’s way this training doesn’t only discuss the insights, but we also practise communication techniques.  

Forecasting and taking into account errors and vulnerabilities

The famous footballer Johan Cruijf once said: “Before I make a mistake, I don’t make it.” In this training in cyber risk management we take things a step further. With the unique and innovative insights from the scientific method of system dynamics, we demonstrate when mistakes will probably be made, with consequences to staff, the organisation, and its stakeholders. The biggest challenge is to make sure colleagues within the organisation become familiar with these insights and this way of thinking by using effective communication techniques.

It is precisely this combination of insights with realistic exercises that make this training so effective. 

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