Disem Institute

a sound and solid security strategy 

Sander Zeijlemaker Formal Education and Certificates

  • PDRA diploma
  • inschrijving Nivra

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Certified Public Accountant

  • EDP auditor diploma
  • inschrijving Norea

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Certified EDP auditor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Business dynamics

Nyenrode University

MSc Accounting & Controlling

  • certificaten master thesis supervisor_000
  • certificaten master thesis supervisor_001

Business University Nyenrode

Master Thesis Supervisor

  • Center certificaten_001
  • Center certificaten_000

Universiteit Tilburg

Multi variate statistics and regression

SABSA Chartered Architect

Certified Information Security Manager

Certified Information Security Auditor