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a sound and solid security strategy 

To look is one thing, to see is another. To see is much more difficult but helps you to understand. Understanding is needed for making good decisions. Disem Institute can make you see the dynamic complexity of cyber security.  

Coaching CEO and leaders

Disem Institute trains executives on cyber strategy and helps them build a resilient organisation. With our passion for making complex dynamic problems understandable, we can make life easier for CEOs and business owners. Our unique expertise helps executives see how a strategy will develop in real-life, and gives feedback on the decisions and actions that are planned as follow-up. This type of forward-looking analysis helps businesses stay ahead.   

The benefits for a CEO with a strong cyber security strategy and understanding of the underlying dynamics are fourfold:

  • fostering strategic roadmap roll-out,
  • maintaining client engagement,
  • strengthening employee commitment, and
  • lowering attractiveness for adversaries.


Coaching future senior managers

There are so many benefits that come with a deeper understanding about the underlying dynamics of cyber security for (future) senior managers. Disem Institute explains the interconnectedness between the domains of cyber security, business operations, strategic development and attacker behaviour. We are able to unravel the dynamic complexity of cyber security investment decision-making. By doing so, we help future leaders consider this field as a business enabler and a normal business management domain that contributes to their goals. 

Coaching consultants and policy makers of the future

Today businesses operate in a fast-changing and complex environment. This world becomes more interconnected, more complex and faster due to digitalization. Many people's lives are increasingly digitized. This is visible on an individual level, in and around the house and in the working environment. In future different skillsets are needed to understand this digital transformation. Some people call this the 4th industrial revolution. According to World Economic Forum future employee skillset involves amongst others analytical thinking, complex problem-solving and (eco)system evaluation. Disem Institute will provide insights in dynamic modelling that give you a solid basis to develop these skills further. 


 Dynamics in Cyber Security for the Financial Profesional


Get to grips with cyber security: communication and decision making

Coaching the compliance function 

Disem Institute can strengthen the risk and compliance managers in their dialogue with supervisors and regulators. We will enable them to see and follow to which extent cybersecurity measures contribute to minimizing incidents against reasonable effort from the designed system. This is important because more and more countries and regulators are imposing legal requirements on cybersecurity. Successful cyberattacks often lead to adjustments and stricter requirements. An important concept in this dynamic is duty of care, in which an important question is whether the defender has acted with due care and taken sufficient measures against reasonable effort. The risk and compliance managers will have dialogues with legislators and supervisors about sufficiently-implemented cybersecurity measures as well as the efforts being made.


Coaching the operational risk management function

Disem Institute helps operational risk managers to see how a business performance will develop in real life compared to boundaries of unaccepted performance. This an example of proactive and forward-looking risk management. The benefits of proactive forward-looking risk management are threefold:

  • Ensure future business operations.
  • Maintain focus on the future and strategic direction of the organisation.
  • Monitor for future emerging risk occurrence.

Such proactive risk management function may have a higher added value for the company. Disem Institute's sophisticated way of working to understand the interconnectedness of people, processes, technology and performance can coach operational risk managers. We will provide the means for the risk manager to obtain feedback on the policy settings and mitigative actions that are planned as follow-up. This type of proactive forward-looking operational risk analysis helps businesses stay ahead.   


 Get to grips with cyber risks for risk managers

Coaching for enterprise architects

Disem Institute helps enterprise architects to quantify their design through simulation. This approach shows the architect the effectiveness of their design before making proposals for large investments and huge implementations. This way the architect can see how the design contributes to the performance of the business in real life and identify potential areas of improvement. These insights can be used for feedback on the design and actions that are planned as follow-up.  


Keynote speakers and specific trainings

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