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a sound and solid security strategy 

Assurance provides trust in business moving forward. Disem Institute tests your security strategy and helps you take the best strategic and tactical decisions.

Strategic assurance service

The technical and complex nature of cyber security makes it difficult to see how a strategy for it may contribute to your overall strategy and day-to-day business. This may create uncertainty about the decision to investment in a cyber security strategy. The remaining questions are:

  • How will this strategy evolve over time?
  • What will be the future benefits of these investments?

Disem Institute provides assurance about the future effects of strategic cyber plans. Through a specific application of dynamic modelling, we let executive management see and follow how their cyber security strategy will evolve in real life. These insights can be used for feedback on the decisions and actions that are planned as follow-up. Our approach shows executives the effectiveness of their strategy before making large investments.


Decision support and roadmap development service

Disem Institute is very committed to assist your organisation’s leaders and senior management to make the best strategic and tactical decisions. We use advanced analytic tools to test your cyber security plans and see how they evolve in the future. This form of long-term projection is the basis for future plans for the coming years (roadmap).

These advanced analytics tools provide sufficient granularity for business improvements. Therefore, we can identify the important levers that can influence these long-term projections. Through a sophisticated sensitivity analysis, we can demonstrate which levers will contribute best to your strategic objectives.

Integrated business case design service

A business case is a well-written document or presentation that captures the reasoning and justification for a new initiative. Such a decision document is used by executive management for acceptance, prioritisation and evaluation.

A business case explains, among others, the following:

  • What the initiative delivers (following its underlying solution design).
  • When it delivers (following its underlying roadmap).
  • How the benefits of the initiative can be measured (following predefined performance indicators).
  • A long- and short-term forecast of costs and (non-) financial benefits of the initiative.
  • A risk analysis related to the delivery of the initiative.

In large organisations, often multiple teams of different organisational functions work together on a business case. For example, functions such as finance, risk management, portfolio management, Information technology and business operations. Each of these has its own methods, policies, principles and assumptions. In practise, a lot of time, energy and coordination can be lost if reconciliation is desired between the different insights, analyses and forecasts of these functions.

Disem Institute has a sophisticated and integrated approach which has a sufficient level of granularity to support business case decision-making. This approach helps the organisation improve and demonstrate how future plans will evolve over time. By following this approach, Disem Institute can integrate the different components of project delivery, business operations, information technology and finance. Consequently, any business case output is related to the same source that is used for the short-term perspective, the long-term perspective and the benefit realisation forecast. 


Enterprise architecture assurance service 

The field of enterprise architecture has an important position in a large organisation. Enterprise architecture is a coherent whole of principles, methods and models that are used in the design and realisation of the organisational structure, business processes, information systems and infrastructure. Disem Institute can put data to these designs by applying specific dynamic modelling techniques. This way, how an architectural design will perform in real life becomes visible. These models provide the opportunities to give feedback on the decisions and actions that are planned as follow-up before implementing them. 


Specific consultancy services

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